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If you are living with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, the Empower Your Flower book & video course offers you an in-depth training program to help rebalance tension through your body. As well as the detailed Eight-Phase training program, you will find a wealth of knowledge into the business of your body’s movement with specific focus on how it relates to pelvic floor dysfunction. Simple analogies are used to explain complex bodily functions. You will learn how to make a self assessment which you can review with your healthcare provider, physiotherapist or gynecoloist before you begin training.

The Eight-Phase training includes pelvic floor exercises, breathing exercises, active yoga, relaxing yoga (restorative and yin) and mind/meditation exercises. The training is phased to ensure that you can listen to your body when you undertake the training, while ensuring that you use a pelvic floor first approach to all exercises. In addition to the extensive knowledge section and detailed training plan, you will find a symptom management strategies section which offers may tips to guide you while you undertake the journey to empower your flower.

Video Course

The video course has been designed to help you to be time efficient. Pelvic floor exercises are done for less than 5 minutes per day on six days per week. The various breathing exercises and yoga sequences range between 15 and 30 minutes. You will work to a weekly schedule that ensures that your total training will be between 30 and 60 minutes per day maximum, with sessions combined or practised in isolation depending on your own availability.

For the pelvic floor exercises in the video course, animations are used to help you to see the pattern of contraction you are trying to achieve. The animations use the RPE scale (rate of perceived effort). Each exercise video is preceded by an explainer video that goes into detail on what you will do in the training session and why you are doing it. Understanding why you are doing an exercise will help you to decide if an exercise is right for you.

You should always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before commencing any training program. You can watch the book launch which was Live on YouTube in the video below where I talk more about what’s included in the book and the video course. You can watch the book launch which was Live on YouTube in the video below where I talk more about what’s included in the book and the video course.

Coaching Sessions With Denise

If you would like Denise to coach you working through the Eight-Phase Training, you have multiple options available. 1:1 Coaching sessions are available in 1 hour or 20 minute time blocks. Small group coaching is also available (max 4 per group). The small group sessions are 1 hour in duration. When you sign up for the video course, you get free lifetime access to the Zoom video calls in the community where you can ask Denise questions directly.

Where Can I get the book & Video course

The book is available on Amazon in full color, black & white, or digital formats. You can enroll in the video course from our teachable school.