About Denise

About Denise

Denise is a qualified yoga teacher who specialises in pelvic floor dysfunction. She has studied many styles of yoga including: Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Yin Yoga, SUP Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. She is also a certified personal trainer. Denise has completed courses in anatomy, psychology, neurology, urology, hypopressives, and the management and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. She has also completed multiple Anatomy Trains courses and has participated in human dissection as part of her studies. She has also completed a physiotherapy mentorship program. She is the founder of theflowerempowered.com and is on a mission to break the taboo surrounding pelvic floor dysfunction.

Her own journey to overcome pelvic floor dysfunction inspired her to write the book Empower Your Flower, where she shares an eight-phase training program including pelvic floor exercises, breathing exercises, active yoga, relaxing yoga and meditations that focus on rebalancing the body and mind. Her YouTube channel has inspired many to undertake the journey of empowerment. Many of her videos are shared by pelvic floor physiotherapists to help their patients with home exercises. Reading through the comments on her videos will help you realise that if you are suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction, you are not alone, and you should not give up hope.

A Note From Denise

In the Knowledge Portal on this website I share some of the knowledge I gathered while learning about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. I hope you learn something, no-matter how small, as you read through the pages. Living in Sweden and not speaking the language meant I was unable to find a pelvic health physiotherapist to guide me with my pelvic floor training. This left me with little choice other than to educate myself. I signed up for many trainings in USA, UK, Norway and Ireland and spent endless months reading through the research to discover the optimal approach. As well as sharing some of this knowledge here on the site, I have shared extensively in my book.

I have also created the specialist directory on this site in the hope that you won’t have to struggle to find the help you need.  When I was struggling and in pain, I had no-one to talk to who could relate to what I was going through. For this reason, I have also created the community, to give people the opportunity to talk about what they are going through and to come together in solidarity.

I would have loved to avail of these resources when I was struggling alone with my PFD. In writing the book and creating this platform, I have used everything that I have ever learned throughout my life, from the most mundane small things, to the greatest and most profound. Every lesson I have ever learned has accumulated in the strength needed to stand publicly to talk about a topic which is both embarrassing and taboo.  I hope that by doing so, it also helps you on the journey to empower your flower, while helping all of us to #breakthePFDtaboo.



Denise offers multiple coaching options where you can ask questions about pelvic floor dysfunction or the Eight-Phase Training. These coaching sessions include 1:1 Coaching (one hour session), 1:1 Coaching (20 minute session), Small Group Coaching (Max 4 people for 1 hour).


The book Empower Your Flower is available on Amazon in Full Color, Black & White or on Kindle. Registering your copy of the book gives you access to a lot of free content including blank assessment forms, sequence sheets, phase checkpoint review forms and audio meditations.

Eight-Phase Training Online

The Eight-Phase Training that is detailed in part two of the book Empower Your Flower is available online in video format. As well as providing the workouts that are designed to ensure time efficiency, the course also provides explainer videos every step along the way and animations to help you with your pelvic floor exercises.

Social Platforms

You can find Denise on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Yoga Alliance Certifications


Workshops, Continuing Education & Speaker Sessions

WORKSHOPS & CLASSES – Denise teaches in studio and online yoga classes with specific focus on the pelvic floor. She also teaches in-person workshops based on the eight-phase program that is detailed in the book.

CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES – Continuing Education courses for movement teachers (yoga, pilates etc), physiotherapists and manual therapists are currently paused due to the Covid Pandemic. These CPD courses are focused on pelvic floor anatomy, pelvic floor exercises, functional movement , breathing exercises, hypopressive exercises, active and passive techniques for pelvic floor release and meditation. The goal of these courses is to empower teachers to help their PFD clients using the methods documented in the Eight-Phase Training.

SPEAKER SESSIONS – Denise is available for conferences and events. If you are interested in any of the above, please get in touch.