The Mission

Use our voices to break the silence surrounding

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD)

Together We Can Make a Difference

One in three women will suffer some form of pelvic floor dysfunction during her lifetime,  yet the subject is seldom discussed. Consequently, millions of women are suffering in silence. It is our mission to break the taboo around pelvic floor dysfunction. We will break the silence and eliminate the taboo.

By talking about urinary incontinence

By talking about pelvic organ prolapse

By talking about sexual dysfunction

By talking about pelvic pain

By talking about flatulence and fecal incontinence

Break the pelvic floor taboo

Talk alone is not enough. Our mission is to empower women to optimise their pelvic health, therefore, we have created this platform with three pillars of support to help break this taboo. Firstly, our comprehensive knowledge portal allows women to understand pelvic floor dysfunction and what is needed for healing. Secondly, our online community gives women the opportunity to share their experiences and find support and solidarity. Finally, our directory of specialists is the largest in the world, ensuring that women can find professional help locally.

How Can You Help to Break the Taboo Around Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Join Our Community

Research shows that you are more likely to achieve your goals with community support. This is why we have created the online community as a first step. By joining the community, you have the opportunity to talk to many others who may be suffering from similar issues. There is great solace in knowing that you are not alone. As the community expands, we encourage you to connect with others who live nearby to form support groups.

Maybe you are not personally suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction but would still like to participate in some way. This is not just about helping that one woman in three. We believe that true change will only come when the majority within our societies participate in creating that change.  In unity we can create positive change. Together, we can empower not only this generation, but generations of women yet to come. 

Find Specialist Help

Our specialist directory is the largest in the world with almost five thousand specialists from 48 countries. The types of specialists in the directory include pelvic floor physical therapists, gynecologists, urologists, chiropractors, structural integrators, nutritionists, psychologists and yoga teachers. If you don’t find a local specialist when you do the search, let us know and we will try to help.

Knowledge Is Power – Empower Yourself!

When it comes to pelvic floor dysfunction, symptoms are similar for different conditions so you will need to undertake your own personal investigation in order to get to the root cause of your issue. The knowledge portal enables you to enrich your mind with knowledge about the various forms of pelvic dysfunctions and treatments available. By taking advantage of this valuable opportunity to learn, you will come to understand the workings of your most female flower.  You will empower yourself to heal.