Sandvik Urinary Incontinence Severity Test

Check the Severity of Your Incontinence

The Sandvik test was developed by Sandvik et al to be used as a simple way to calculate severity of urinary incontinence in women. Answer the two questions below and your result will be displayed (Severity Index Score).

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Score Degree of incontinence
1 or 2Mild incontinence
3 to 6Moderate incontinence
8 or 9Severe incontinence
12Very severe incontinence

Treatment Options for Urinary Incontinence

Like most symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, the treatment for urinary incontinence falls into one of two categories; conservative (non-surgical) and invasive (surgical). Surgical options are generally only advised for once conservative options have been tried unsuccessfully for an extended period. For more information on the various treatments offered in these two categories, click on the relevant button below. If you did not find what you were looking for, you can search this site using the search bar at the bottom of the page.

Explore the Different Types of Urinary Incontinence

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