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Did you know that one in every three women will suffer some form of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction during her lifetime? Are you that one in three? By coming to our platform, you have taken the first step in a very important journey – the journey towards empowerment of your very own female flower! Sounds a little airy-fairy right?! Don’t worry, we don’t have our heads in the clouds! We provide solid down-to-earth information based on up-to-date research. We have built this platform to help you to overcome pelvic floor dysfunction by providing information, solidarity and access to local specialists.

WE’RE ON A MISSION #breakthePFDtaboo

We are on a mission to educate women and break the taboo around pelvic floor dysfunction. It is our goal to ensure that every woman can find the help and support she needs. It is our ambition to encourage people right across the globe to talk about pelvic floor dysfunction and to break the silence. Everyone has a role to play in this. Visit our Mission Page to find out how you can help. Let’s #breakthePFDtaboo !!


As part of our effort to break the taboo surrounding pelvic floor dysfunction, we will feature news, videos and guest posts on many topics from experts in pelvic health right across the world. I am delighted to share the first of these posts which I have written myself for the many women who are awaiting mesh removal surgery and are unsure what to expect. This is just the first of many posts covering all aspects of pelvic floor health. We will feature our first guest post this week, exciting times… watch this space for more!


This platform is built on three pillars of support; Knowledge, Community and Specialists. We believe that these pillars will contribute to your empowerment, enabling you to overcome PFD.


The mesh debate is a hot topic right now in the global pelvic health community. There are numerous associations and support groups that have been established to provide information on female pelvic health, however, many of these are funded by mesh manufacturers. They allude to giving a “voice” to those who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction but are actually a front for pharmaceutical companies who need to get their message out to the end customer. The message – Mesh is safe. But is it really? In our Knowledge Portal, we show where mesh is implanted and we reference studies and information available on its efficacy. We believe in evidence based medicine and have kept a very open mind when preparing the data on this site. We do not say “yes” or “no” to pelvic mesh, instead providing you with frank information that is not based on the pharmaceutical profit-making agenda. This should empower you to make your own informed decision.

Given the level of corruption in health-care research, we have decided to conduct our own poll.  This independent pelvic mesh poll gives a voice to those who have mesh implanted. We hope to show clearer picture on the efficacy of pelvic mesh repairs from the viewpoint of the patient. If you’ve had mesh (also called ribbon, tape, sling etc.) implanted to treat incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse, please add your voice to this poll. Doctors and specialists, please feel free to share this poll with your patients. Once we have reached 1000 entries in the poll, we will place real-time graphs right here on the homepage so you can see the results.


We are excited to launch our YouTube channel in the coming weeks which will provide free information and pelvic floor muscle training tips to help you optimise your pelvic health. We also plan to run a weekly pelvic floor dysfunction patient feature where we will women the chance to tell their pelvic floor dysfunction story. We believe that giving a voice to those with pelvic floor dysfunction will empower countless other women who are suffering in silence. If you would like to share your story, please get in touch!

Our blog section, which we will publish in the coming weeks, will feature guest bloggers who are specialists in female pelvic health. The aim of the blog is to share useful and relevant advice. If there is a specific topic or specialist you would like to see posting on the blog, let us know and we will try to arrange it.