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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction can be a show stopper. The embarrassing symptoms elicit fear and can stand in the way of social activities, exercise and the active life that many of us crave. PFD even stands in the way of sex. As you age, your chances of experiencing some form of PFD are increased. If you ignore the milder symptoms when you are young, you could be living with a more severe condition when you age. So why don’t women do something sooner? I believe that the taboo surrounding PFD means that women don’t know what they are letting themselves in for. We are just getting on with life, doing the same things as everyone else, and not realising the accumulative effect on our pelvic floors. We have to #breakthePFDtaboo.

The book attempts to connect the dots creating unity through a whole life, whole body, whole mind approach. Leaving no stone unturned and rocking the “conservative” approach to optimising pelvic health. Whether you are looking to prevent the onset of incontinence as you grow older, or you are looking to rehabilitate following surgical repairs. Even if you’ve had a mesh removal surgery leaving you with the weakend support of your damaged tissues – you can still promote healing and build strength. The journey to empower your flower will help you to blossom in ways you had never imagined possible!