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Adore Your Pelvic Floor Founder Shares Her Story

Hi…. I’m Louise Field founder of Adore Your Pelvic Floor

My journey began in the fitness industry at the mere age of 20 years old shortly after I had my first son.  I fell into this industry quite by accident… a wonderful act of fate!

I was never a natural fitness fanatic, in fact I couldn’t bear competitive sport and had no coordination. A studio class was an act of penance once a year when my body shape shamed me to hide at the back of the studio to persevere through the hour session sulkily.

I entered the local gym one day and actually began to gain confidence in myself and my body, but that is a another story…

It was from here I knew that my vocation in life was to help empower others in health and fitness.

Time moved on….

Back in the 90’s it was common for women to nip out to the loo during their workout session.  Nobody would blink, it was classed as ‘normal’.  How wrong is that!  I had 3 ladies in one year explain to me briefly that they were having a ‘little op’ and hence they wouldn’t be around for a few weeks.  In my ignorance, I just said what I thought was the correct thing..

Good luck, hope you are OK and it all goes well.  I Look forward to seeing you when the GP gives you the all clear.”

That line makes me cringe now, but I knew no better!

Fortunately it made me think on and begin to question why these young women in their late 30’s were having surgery?

Despite the fact I had comprehensively trained as a Fitness Professional whilst continuing to up-skill with other courses and ongoing CPD workshops, the pelvic floor had never been mentioned.  Even when I updated my pre/post natal training the pelvic floor was hardly given any reference.

I took it upon myself to read up on this precious group of muscles that had been missed out on my training.  I continued to research over a few years and started to teach the members of the gym I worked at some basic pelvic floor exercises.

But this was not enough!

The more I understood how the pelvic floor reacts with breath, posture, movement and load, the more I felt as an industry we were not giving the service to our clients they deserved.  Accompanied with the huge amount of pelvic issues that are presented to women and men, I felt compelled to reach out to  the fitness industry.

Is this the fault of the fitness professional?… Well, no it isn’t because we have not been given the education!

It’s not just this industry that doesn’t acknowledge this ‘forgotten’ group of muscles.  Many health professionals one would assume have knowledge in this area have little if any at all.

Why is this so?  I really cannot give you an answer, if I did it would become a huge debate in itself!

All I do know is that I had to try to do something.  To get some education out there – to the professionals in my industry. 

Posture, breath and movement are vital in pelvic health and as Fitness Professionals that is everything we teach.  We also meet a huge amount of the public every week, so we are in the perfect position to evangelise pelvic health.

The numbers of issues surrounding the pelvic floor are rising, and yet 80% of pelvic health issues can be restored. Simple education and strategies with local resources can change someone’s life – confidence, dignity and freedom.

THIS is why Adore Your Pelvic Floor was born

The Pelvic Floor Awareness Workshop is accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals and it is endorsed by Specialist Women’s and Men’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapists.  It is a training day to gain knowledge in how the pelvic floor group reacts to movement and how we can protect and strengthen whilst using tools to recognise hypo/hypertonicity red flags that possibly show up in our PARQ’s or our client’s technique and training styles.

The trend is to work hard core, which is fine – If it is suitable to the client.

But trends often don’t work to suitability.

The client is enthusiastic, keen and wants results but are they in touch with their pelvic floor group?

This applies to every type of exercise undertaken from High Intensity classes to Yoga. The pelvic floor group directly takes load with every movement.

Yes the pelvic floor naturally reacts and is supportive in action if it is flexible, with good resting tone and strength, but we know at least 1 in 3 are not in this position.

So YES its imperative we take the opportunity to up-skill and learn about this group of muscles too.

This will give us Fitness Professionals the confidence in our teaching

when presented with a lady who has just had a baby, hysterectomy or show up other red flags in their PARQ.

As life’s journey would have it, I experienced a pelvic organ prolapse after the birth of my twins when I was aged 40yrs.  There were many contributing factors, but unbeknown to me my facia had torn in delivery.  So I personally totally understand the practical and emotional factors surrounding this issue.  I required surgery and had to rehab my pelvic floor and core strength.  So…  I really do understand the importance of pelvic health!

In my view every Fitness Professional should up-skill on how the pelvic floor responds to movement and my dream is that evidence based training is more readily available.

I feel truly honoured to still work in a profession 28 years on that I love and adore, helping women in health, fitness and confidence.

Louise x

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