Hypopressives lateral breathing is key

Lateral Breathing Is Key for Hypopressive Exercises

As you know, at The Flower Empowered, we strive to empower women to beat pelvic floor dysfunction by optimizing their pelvic health. As part of this effort, we have started a video podcast series on our YouTube channel which will feature many specialists who are aligned with this focus. Please join me in welcoming our second guest, the wonderful Nikki Caputa of UK Hypopressives.

Nikki is a Health and fitness coach and a level 5 remedial and sports massage therapist. Her background is in post natal fitness, body transformations and personal training, and more recently she has been helping a wide spectrum of clients using Hypopressives. She is one of only two Hypopressives Master trainers in the UK and since using the method on her clients has seen massive postural improvements, relief in the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse and stress and urge incontinence, and a decrease in back pain and other related issues. Hypopressives is now part of her own daily routine after she used the method to get rid of her own incontinence issues after having twins.

Hypopressive Exercises

Hypopressive exercises utilise a reflexive action between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. Following exhalation of the breath, you relax your body causing the ribcage to relax which creates a lift in the diaphragm which in turn lifts the pelvic floor due to the air tight pressure chamber that is the abdominopelvic cavity. In this video, Nikki explains that lateral breathing is key to hypopressives. Hypopressives are just one method for dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction (urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, fecal incontinence). You can find a hypopressive trainers in our global pelvic health directory under the fitness category.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) affects one in every three women. Join in our mission to break the taboo surrounding Pelvic Floor Dysfunction by talking about these conditions, sharing this page and using the hashtag #breakthePFDtaboo

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