Lift for POP with Dr Bri

Lift Pelvic Support Series with Dr. Bri – Discount included

Over the past months, I have received many messages from women who are dealing with Pelvic Organ Prolapse but unable to visit with a pelvic floor physical therapist or other specialist due to the ongoing pandemic. Our lives have been disrupted considerably and having to deal with this disruption while dealing with a prolapse can feel overwhelming. Prolapse is isolating even without lock-downs and quarantine, but you don’t have to feel isolated thanks to Dr Bri, author of Lady Bits and founder of FemFusion Fitness.

Dr Bri is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a focus on women’s health and nutrition. Back in 2015 when I was dealing with my post-mesh removal incontinence, her YouTube videos helped me immensely. I recently recorded two podcasts with Dr Bri and had the chance to learn more about her “Lift” program that helps women dealing with Pelvic Organ Prolapse. Lift is more than just an online training program. Like many of the available online pelvic floor programs, it offers videos, readable materials and a progress tracker with the added bonus of a members only community (the FemSquad) where Dr Bri hosts monthly live group coaching calls.

What is the Lift Program?

“Lift” is a 5-week program designed to reduce symptoms of prolapse and/or bladder leakage. Lift is ideal for all ages and stages, including postpartum women and individuals who are preparing for (or recovering from) a pelvic surgery. It’s also the only way to join my private FemSquad community, which is PURE GOLD. The support from other members (and myself) is incredible. We keep it real, but we keep it POSITIVE which is key in these heavy times. I offer monthly challenges in FemSquad, as well as a monthly live group coaching call. The Downloadable Bundle includes my 5-week Lift program, Booty Glute Camp (the perfect progression after Lift), and unlimited access to FemSquad. The value of having a doctor of physical therapy AND the experiences and support of other group members AT YOUR FINGERTIPS is unreal! Dr Bri

Special Discount for the Flower Empowered Visitors

If you would like to sign-up for Dr Bri’s Lift program, you will get a special discount! Just contact us for the code and make sure to use our link when making your booking.


The Lift program for me was life changing. Not just for the pelvic floor work that was making me stronger, but for the life style changes. The breathing, the permission to wear more comfortable clothes. It easily becomes part of your everyday life. Forever grateful


I completed Lift, along with other adjustments, and now my favorite outdoor activity, hiking, is so much more doable! My stride is longer, my hips have increased mobility, my core feels so much stronger as I climb – and the best thing, no pain when done! I love having learned the techniques that I can apply when needed. 🥰


Being a part of FemSquad has really helped my confidence and strength. This community is full of hope, perseverance and resilient women who don’t mind helping one another. It has helped alleviate the feeling of helplessness and loneliness on a long physical and mental journey.


As a busy mom of a buncha little ones, it’s hard to make my health a priority. Lift and the FemSquad community inspire and remind me to put in the effort and make the time so that I can be the healthiest mama for my family.


I’ve loved being a part of Femsquad because it’s such a wonderfully supportive community of women who openly share questions, challenges, discoveries and wins regarding pelvic health and women’s health in general. With Dr. Bri’s warm guidance and encouragement, we learn and support each other around pelvic health topics which are normally not openly discussed. Dr. Bri has a vast array of online resources which she often refers us to as questions arise and she always provides positive enthusiasm for each of us. I’m so grateful to have found this community.


Thanks so much for caring about us all!


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