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Are You Ready to Empower Your Flower? – Book Launch!

Are you ready to Empower Your Flower? I can hardly believe that the time has arrived to launch the book and video course! I am sure you are sitting thinking to yourself… “it feels like I have been waiting forever!” LOL!! Hopefully you will find that it was worth the long wait.

The launch will be Live on YouTube on 26th October, and of course we will have a giveaway at the live event. If you have already registered your interest in the book, you will have received an email from me with your unique code for the raffle. If you have not yet registered, just sign up and I will send out your unique code before the event. Entry for the giveaway closes midnight on 25th so make sure to register before then.

The Book Is Written in Three Parts:

Part One covers the knowledge needed to identify patterns in the body, mind and life that contribute to pelvic floor dysfunction. This is the foundational knowledge needed to be able to change those patterns.

Part Two begins with instructions on how to do a complete self assessment which is used to help with setting goals and to choose where to start with training. The training is an eight-phase program with each phase having modules for pelvic floor (strengthening and relaxation), breathing, movement, relaxation and mind/meditation. The video course is based on this part of the book.

Part Three covers symptom management and life strategies to help you to manage your pelvic floor dysfunction while you work on your empowerment. It also details the non-surgical and surgical treatments available for conditions that fall under the PFD umbrella (including incontinence, overactive bladder, POP, Pelvic Pain, Dyspareunia and vaginismus).

The book will be available on Amazon with versions in color, black & white and digital. There are lots of free materials that you can access on if you buy the book. These include full color figures (useful if you buy the black and white copy), self assessment forms, sequence sheets for the exercises, phase checkpoint forms and audio meditations. I hope you can join me for the live event!

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  1. Hi, I have joint hypermobility, my ligaments and everything is more stretchy and I think I’m in stage 2. I have an inch and a half left in my vagina. Penetrative sex is too painful, I’m in menopause… can your book assist someone like me?

    1. The book will give you some good tips for building some strength and also for managing symptoms. A supportive pessary (such as a ring pessary) should help to provide some lift within the vagina and that should allow you to have sex. Exercise at this stage is really important as getting blood flow to the vagina can help prevent atrophy and reduce dryness.

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