Basic Functional Kegels

Basic Functional Kegels Series Available on YouTube

We are back to posting regularly on YouTube with a new series of Pelvic Health Tips on Tuesdays and Pelvic Floor Exercises on Thursdays.  The latest video explores functional Kegels for standing and sitting. This is an important function as those suffering from incontinence can experience leakage when sitting down and standing up. Recovery from incontinence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to recreate the connection between the brain and the pelvic floor.

If you have been following our Pelvic Floor Exercise series from the start, you should already be seeing some improvements. Adding some functional Kegels to your routine should go a long way towards reducing leakage. We love these standing and sitting Kegels as they allow you to include Kegels in your day without having to set specific time aside. Consistency is key when you are working towards change as many small steps (or Kegels in this case) accumulate into something more.  Of course, Kegels alone are just a small piece of the rehabilitation puzzle. Relaxation and stretching also play a crucial role. We will produce some Pelvic Floor Relaxation videos in the coming weeks.

If you have questions or would like to see a video explaining something specific, please join our community or contact us directly with your question. Feel free to like, share, comment or subscribe to our channel if you feel so inclined.

Help to Break the Taboo

If you are suffering from stress incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, fecal incontinence or sexual dysfunction, you can relieve your symptoms by working on your pelvic floor. Regaining control and improving pelvic floor function does take time, this is time well spent so just do it!

In the case of pelvic pain, you should refrain from doing Kegels instead focusing on reverse Kegels (relaxation instead of contraction). Whatever the symptoms of your pelvic floor dysfunction, know that you are not alone. Join the growing community and help us to break the taboo surrounding pelvic floor dysfunction.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) affects one in every three women. Join in our mission to break the taboo surrounding Pelvic Floor Dysfunction by talking about these conditions, sharing this page and using the hashtag #breakthePFDtaboo

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